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Junior Demo Team


Master Austin Aschwanden

Master Emily Harris

Master Kai Merafuentes

Assistant Coaches

Master Mina Nobuhata

Miss BellaRose Sylvia

Mr. Matias Nakamura

Team Members

Terrell Estes IV

Rachel Wagner

Kameron Porter

Ayva Harris

Logan Pires

Kailey Estes

BrookLynn Sylvia

Alice Sheldon

Tatum McShane

Tara Qolizadeh


Miley Cardoso

Natalia Simono

Brandon Sahai

Emily Pires

Stevee Hoot

Camila Mejia

Andrew Koh

Olivia Tokunaga

Michael Ledezma-Santillian

Mona Leon

Liliana Stephan

Aria Gutierrez

Ruby Hoot

The Jr. Demonstration Team is a group of some of our most motivated and energetic students. This team travels our local area and engages in Tae Kwon Do performances for the public at special events. With talents ranging from poomsae synchronization, weapons, Hapkido self defenses, advanced kicks and board breaking, this group of young students work together to put on an exciting show for audiences all throughout the Central Valley of California.

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