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Our Academy not only teaches Tae Kwon Do, but also another Korean Martial Art of Self defense called Hap  Ki Do.  The word means a way or method (Do) of coordinating Harmony (Hap) of mental energy or spirit (Ki).  All this is really is saying is that this method of self-defense is a disciplined way of strengthening the mind and body, and of fusing physical and mental powers, so that we will emerge as a more complete   and balanced person.  The physical activity becomes    a means of being more in harmony with others and ourselves.

Hap Ki Do is considered a “Soft” style of martial art, as opposed to “hard” styles that practice the use of force against force.  Hard styles tend to depend more on physical size and strength.  In contrast, Hap Ki Do teaches us to divert or suppress an attacker’s flow of energy peacefully.  Through the use of joint locks and pressure points the practitioner can use an attackers power against him, while needing very little physical strength.  The goal in a physical confrontation is to control the attacker and do as little damage and  violence as possible.  Hap Ki Do students strive to be   in complete control of a confrontation, and attempt to defuse it.

Hap Ki Do provide excellent physical conditioning which improves balance, flexibility, timing, quickness and joint strength.  Of even greater importance is and increase in Self–Confidence and mental discipline.

In our Academy student learns five Hap Ki Do techniques at each belt level.  Between white belt and the first level of black belt students are taught 50 different practices.  Other fundamentals are included in the curriculum.  A wide variety of rolls, falls, and tumbling skills are learned allowing students to safely “break”  falls they experience as they workout.

As with other classical arts we include practice with weapons such as nunchakus, staff, and sword.  These serve as a natural extension of the body aiding the students to understand the flow of energy.  Hand-eye coordination is improved with the use of weapons as  are skills in relaxing wrists and manipulating objects.

The primary goal of Hap Ki Do is the overall well-being of the practitioner.  Self-defense skills will be learned and perfected, but even more the students will seek the right spirit and frame of mind.  The traits of loyalty, respect, Courtesy, Humility and a deeper value for life are among the rewards of studying Hap Ki Do.

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