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About Us

Welcome to the Merafuentes Tae Kwon Do Academy of Martial Arts.


Our school has been established in Turlock since 2008. Grandmaster Merafuentes has been training in the Martial Arts since he was 11. He started training in the Japanese Okinawa's form of Go Jo Ru with his Uncle. Then he began training in Kang Duk Won where he attained his 3rd Degree Black Belt. Laura Merafuentes began training in Kang Duk Kwon with Grand Master Parks in 1997 where she would receive her 1st Degree Black Belt. We are currently training with Grandmaster Sang Ho Lee in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido where Grandmaster Merafuentes has attained his 7th Dan, Tae Kwon Do and 6th Dan Hapkido and Master Laura Merafuentes has attained her 5th Dan, Tae Kwon Do.

Our academy has gone to three trips abroad where we visited China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan to train with masters in those countries.

Merafuentes TKD & Hapkido Academy is a 6,600 sq. ft. facility with approximately 200 students enrolled, in the ages starting at 3yrs old up to 70 yrs old. On a daily basis we have 200-400 parents and students coming through our academy to train and to visit.


Our Leadership Team consists of 10 Masters , more than 30 Black Belts, and 14 Blue Top Leaders ranging from Green Belt to Brown Belt  and soon to be Black Belts.

We are located in between Bistros and Footers in Downtown Turlock.


          Grandmaster Tony Merafuentes          Master Laura Merafuentes         Master Kai Merafuentes

                            Kwan Jang Nim                                     Sa Boo Nim                                   Sa Boo Nim                                              

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