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Elite  Team

ET Main


Coach 4

Grandmaster Tony Merafuentes
7th Dan

Master Darren Siebert
4th Dan

Team Members


Master Allyson Siebert
4th Dan


Master Kirstin Padilla
4th Dan


Master Kai Merafuentes
4th Dan


Miss Samantha Nies
3rd Dan


Miss BellaRose Silva
2nd Dan


Miss Isabella Ford
2nd Dan


Master Austin Aschwanden
4th Dan


Mr. Matias Nakamura
1st Dan

The Merafuentes Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do Elite Team contains some of our strongest and most talented Black Belts. This team travels across the United States as well as Internationally to perform for public audiences and learn advanced knowledge in the art of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. These young men and women perform amazing tricks, synchronized poomsae, advanced self defenses and weapon techniques as well as acrobatic board breaking, skills only gained through hard work and dedication. Some of the places these students have trained and performed include South Korea, Japan, North Carolina, Canada, as well as all over the state of California. These students are also strong leaders in giving back to the community, and have raised funds for local charities as well as engaged in community service throughout Turlock.   

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